Carbon Marine Stainless Steel Insert Tip Kit

The Carbon Marine Stainless Steel Insert tip is designed for push-poling on hard bottom such as rock, packed limestone, and coral. The Stainless Steel Insert tip minimizes sliding and dramatically increases the life of the tip as compare to Nylon. Sold as a kit.

The Stainless Steel Insert tip is machined from stainless steel and fits any push-pole with a 1.25" ID (standard ID for Loop, Mangrove, Stiffy Hybrid, Stiffy Graphite, Stiffy fibergrlass, Moonlighter, and G. Loomis). 

The kit ships with all the materials you need except a cutting tool and acetone. We provide epoxy, gloves, a brush, a mixing cup and stick, a foam seal, step by step instructions, and a sanding tool.

Carbon Marine Stainless Steel Sleeve tip
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